Call for Papers: Theme Issue: Perioperative Blood Management

JMIR Publications is pleased to announce a new theme issue titled “Perioperative Blood Management” in JMIR Perioperative Medicine. The premier, peer-reviewed journal is indexed in PubMed and focuses on how technology and data science can improve care delivery and surgical patient outcomes. The new theme issue aims to explore the latest advancements, challenges, and patient-centered innovative approaches in optimizing blood-related practices before, during, and after surgical procedures.

JMIR Perioperative Medicine welcomes contributions from global researchers, clinicians, and experts in the field of perioperative medicine. We encourage submissions exploring diverse aspects related to blood management in perioperative care such as:

  • Digital and technological innovations and the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in perioperative blood management 

  • Precision in transfusion medicine

  • Preoperative anemia management

  • Perioperative blood transfusion thresholds 

  • Perioperative blood management protocols and programs

  • Advances in blood conservation techniques

  • Strategies for minimizing perioperative blood loss

  • Hemostasis monitoring and point-of-care testing

  • Transfusion-related complications

  • Economic and ethical considerations in perioperative blood management

  • Global and regional inequities in blood availability during the perioperative phase

  • Special populations considerations

Submission Guidelines: 

All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review, and accepted articles will be published as part of the “Perioperative Blood Management” theme issue. Consult our instructions for authors for more information on how to submit a manuscript.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024

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Theme Issue Editors:

Nidhi Rohatgi, MD, MS, SFHM (Editor-in-Chief) Clinical Professor, Stanford School of Medicine Moises Auron, MD Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Cleveland Clinic Natalie Bodmer, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Stanford School of Medicine Roya Saffary, MD Anesthesiologist, Stanford School of Medicine

Submissions not reviewed or accepted for publication in this JMIR Perioperative Medicine theme issue may be offered cascading peer review or transfer to other JMIR Publications journals, according to standard publisher policies. For example, early-stage formative work that informs the design of future interventions or research may better fit the scope for JMIR Formative Research. Authors are encouraged to submit study protocols or grant proposals to JMIR Research Protocols before data acquisition to preregister the study (Registered Reports—subsequent acceptance in one of the JMIR Publications journals is then guaranteed). 

All articles submitted to this theme issue will be shared and published rapidly through the following mechanisms:

  • All peer-reviewed articles in this theme issue will be immediately and permanently made open access. This is the standard for all titles within the JMIR Publications portfolio.

  • Articles can be made immediately available in JMIR Preprints (with a DOI) after submission if authors select the preprint option at submission to enable this service