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Blood Management: A Current Opportunity in Perioperative Medicine

JMIR Perioper Med 2024;7(1):e57012

80 20 1
An Accessible Clinical Decision Support System to Curtail Anesthetic Greenhouse Gases in a Large Health Network: Implementation Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e40831

423 17 2
Evaluation of Telemedicine Use for Anesthesiology Pain Division: Retrospective, Observational Case Series Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e33926

308 16 4
Wireless Remote Home Monitoring of Vital Signs in Patients Discharged Early After Esophagectomy: Observational Feasibility Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(2):e21705

1190 16 22
Benefits and Disadvantages of Electronic Patient-reported Outcome Measures: Systematic Review

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(1):e15588

10087 16 112
A Smartphone App With a Digital Care Pathway for Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery: Development and Feasibility Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(2):e21138

1868 14 17
A Canadian Weekend Elective Pediatric Surgery Program to Reduce the COVID-19–Related Backlog: Operating Room Ramp-Up After COVID-19 Lockdown Ends—Extra Lists (ORRACLE-Xtra) Implementation Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e35584

1235 14 10
Digital Support for Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery: Narrative Review of the Roles and Challenges of Online Forums

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(2):e17230

1382 14 13
Patient Safety of Perioperative Medication Through the Lens of Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence

JMIR Perioper Med 2023;6(1):e34453

502 13 7
Perioperative Risk Assessment of Patients Using the MyRISK Digital Score Completed Before the Preanesthetic Consultation: Prospective Observational Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2023;6(1):e39044

318 13 1
A Real-Time Mobile Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behavior Before and After Cancer Surgery: Usability and Feasibility Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(1):e17292

1919 13 19
Worldwide Presence of National Anesthesia Societies on Four Major Social Networks in 2021: Observational Case Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e34549

171 13 2
Comparing Computed Tomography–Derived Augmented Reality Holograms to a Standard Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Viewer for Presurgical Planning: Feasibility Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(2):e18367

1113 12 4
Feasibility of Using a Single Heart Rate–Based Measure for Real-time Feedback in a Voluntary Deep Breathing App for Children: Data Collection and Algorithm Development

JMIR Perioper Med 2020;3(2):e16639

3254 11 0
Development and Implementation of the Portable Operating Room Tracker App With Vital Signs Streaming Infrastructure: Operational Feasibility Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2019;2(2):e13559

1236 10 5
Identifying Risk Factors, Patient-Reported Experience and Outcome Measures, and Data Capture Tools for an Individualized Pain Prediction Tool in Pediatrics: Focus Group Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e42341

315 10 2
An Innovative App (ExoDont) for Postoperative Care of Patients After Tooth Extraction: Prototype Development and Testing Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2021;4(2):e31852

447 10 3
Mobile Health Apps That Act as Surgical Preparatory Guides: App Store Search and Quality Evaluation

JMIR Perioper Med 2021;4(2):e27037

799 10 1
Listening to the HysterSisters: A Retrospective Keyword Frequency Analysis of Conversations About Hysterectomy Recovery

JMIR Perioper Med 2019;2(2):e10728

5752 9 3
A Novel Digital Health Platform With Health Coaches to Optimize Surgical Patients: Feasibility Study at a Large Academic Health System

JMIR Perioper Med 2024;7(1):e52125

111 9 0
Assessing Barriers to Implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence–Based Tools in Critical Care: Web-Based Survey Study

JMIR Perioper Med 2023;6(1):e41056

422 9 9
A New Index for the Quantitative Evaluation of Surgical Invasiveness Based on Perioperative Patients’ Behavior Patterns: Machine Learning Approach Using Triaxial Acceleration

JMIR Perioper Med 2023;6(1):e50188

45 9 0
Understanding the Cognitive Demands, Skills, and Assessment Approaches for Endotracheal Intubation: Cognitive Task Analysis

JMIR Perioper Med 2022;5(1):e34522

442 8 2
A Postoperative Pain Management Mobile App (Panda) for Children at Home After Discharge: Usability and Feasibility

JMIR Perioper Med 2019;2(2):e12305

2723 8 12
A Real-Time Mobile Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behavior Before and After Cancer Surgery: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Perioper Med 2023;6(1):e41425

190 7 3

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